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About Canadian Bottled Water Association (CBWA)

The Canadian Bottled Water Association (CBWA) is the trade association for the bottled water supports and promotes bottled water as a healthy, safe and convenient food product, and ensures the high standard of product quality and for environmental sustainability for its member companies.

CBWA members are Canadian bottled water companies, and equipment manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and others who wish to join the association. CBWA member companies produce and distribute about 85 per cent of the bottled water sold in Canada.

The CBWA and its members educate, inform and encourage dialogue between the industry, government, consumers and other stakeholders.

CBWA Website

The CBWA website is a great tool for the bottled water industry, as well as various governments, journalists, researchers, students, and the consuming public. Advertising on the CBWA (with hot link to your website) is an excellent opportunity to expand your reach, educate your consumers, and increase your sales. Bottled Water manufacturers are restricted to CBWA member approved bottlers. Industry suppliers are invited to advertise on the CBWA website.

CBWA eNewsletter

Since 2012, the CBWA eNewsletter is the only weekly dedicated source of information to the bottled water industry in Canada. For timely and reliable news that matters to business, CBWA eNewsletter is a must read to industry stakeholders. CBWA eNewsletter covers important issues as:


  • Regulatory/Legislative Updates
  • Technical & Training Information
  • Public Affairs & Communications
  • Industry Data/Statistics
  • Marketing
  • Media Stories and Trends
  • CBWA Events


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