CBWA Membership

Benefits of CBWA Membership

Networking – industry-specific events held annually gives you the opportunity to connect with key industry experts and contacts to start or grow your business.


Access to public and government relations – as a member you will have access to public and government relations activities, and receive assistance with media relations.


CBWA Training – Technical and Bottled Water Food Safety Program Training material is available to all members.


A Voice - have a voice on issues affecting your business.


Enhance your credibility – as a CBWA member you will be recognized as an active participant and supporter of high quality standards for bottled water products.


To become a member, please download the appropriate application below (for your convenience, please remember to download the file in order to access the PDF's fill-in feature):


CBWA Online Membership Forms



If you have forgotten your password, or are experiencing difficulties then contact us.





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