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October 1, 2010

EFSA updates advice on Bisphenol A



March 10, 2010

CBWA Supports Student Choice






July 2009

Health Canada Report Shows Bottled Water Is Safe For All Consumers



May 2009

The Canadian Bottled Water Association works with federal and provincial officials to prepare for emergencies



April 2009

Health Canada, It's Your Health - The Safety of Bottled Water

There has been an increase in the Canadian consumption of bottled water in recent years. Illness caused by bottled water is very rare in Canada, because the water is treated, disinfected, and monitored to make sure it does not contain harmful microorganisms or chemicals. However, to maintain the safety of bottled water, you must also handle and store it properly. Learn more






October 18, 2008

Water Bottles are a Safe, Healthy Choice for Consumers



August 21, 2008

Bottled Water is a Safe, Highly Portable and Healthy Beverage of Choice



July 25th, 2008

Minister Clement Letter - Polycarbonate water bottles, Bisphenol A (BPA) safe



April 19th, 2008

Polycarbonate Water Cooler Bottles Safe



March 19, 2008

Bottled Water Facts



March 19, 2008

World Water Day - CBWA News Release - March 2008






December 7, 2007

Scientific Reviews Find Polycarbonate Plastic Safe



November 21, 2007

CBWA Says No to Toronto's Proposed Bottled-Water Tax



May 7, 2007

Letter of the Editor - Macleans



March 21, 2007

World Water Day 2007 - CBWA Marks UN World Water Day



World Water Day, Bottled Water Myths vs Facts






December 22, 2006

World Regulatory Agencies Confirm Bottled Water Safe



November 10, 2006

Bottled Water is a Consumer Choice of Beverages



August 18, 2006

Bottled Water Industry's Outstanding Environmental Record



June 7, 2006

CBWA Supports Sustainable Groundwater Protection in Quebec



May 31, 2006

CBWA news release (Polycarbonate Plastic Water Bottles are Safe)



Letter to the Editor American Plastics Council (Dr. Hentges)



Harvard Center for Risk Analysis Report (Study)



March 22, 2006

World Water Day: Where Bottled Water Fits In



February 1, 2006

The Toronto Star (Letter Printed)



January 30, 2006

Canadian Bottled Water Association Supports WaterCan



Toronto Star Letter to the Editor



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