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Bottler Membership Private Label & Co-Pack Listing

Each year the CBWA refers its bottler members to individuals and companies who express an interest in distributing a private label or co-packed bottled water product. This referral service is available to only CBWA bottler members who have received a passing score on their recent third-party plant inspection/audit. The Private Label & Co-Pack List has been an effective method to deal fairly with the increasing number of inquiries for this service. If you are interested in this referral service, please complete this form and forward to CBWA with your membership application.


Once the CBWA receives your completed form, the current list will be updated to include your information. At the time of an inquiry, the Private Label & Co-Pack Listing will be forwarded to all interested parties. In addition, the Private Label & Co-Pack Listing will be published in the CBWA Buyer’s Guide and posted on the CBWA Web Site.


PLEASE NOTE: If your company does not complete the Private Label & Co-Pack Listing form, it will be assumed that your company either is not providing this service, or is not interested in being referred to interested parties. Listings are restricted to CBWA bottler members in good standing and must have passed the third-party plant inspection/audit. If you or your associates have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the CBWA at (416) 618-1763 or email us at griswold@cbwa.ca



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