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Membership Application (page 1)

Bottler Membership

Bottler Member is defined as a company whose principal business is the production and bottling, or importing (and distribution) of bottled water that is intended or human consumption within Canada. All members are required by CBWA By-laws to submit and pass a third party inspection. Bottler dues are based on total gross sales within Canada of: (a) bottled water; (b) sales/rental of coolers; and (c) cups/miscellaneous.


Each bottler member company will receive a free listing in the annual CBWA Membership Roster, and a discount to advertise online and in the eNewsletter. Each associate member will also receive a discount to participate in the Annual Canadian Bottled Water Convention and Trade Show.


  • Government, media and public relations program
  • Regulatory information and updates
  • Technical information, workshops and training
  • Industry networking
  • eLearn Website Technical Training
  • Free listing in Annual Membership Roster


Please submit current full analysis of source water & finished product, as outlined in Model Code.




Gross sales Gross Dues
Up to $1,500,000 $1,025
Over $1,500,000 $1,025 plus total gross sales x 0.0007
Example: $1,025 + (total sales of $2,000,000 x 0.0007=1400.00)=$2,425.00 dues
$25,000 maximum Annual Dues
Cheque, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, accepted

Dues Payment Detail

Please note that payment of dues indicates agreement to abide by the CBWA By-laws and other standards established by the CBWA Board of Directors. Submission of a full analysis of source water (based on CBWA Model Code) is required with payment of dues.


All information provided on application will be held in confidence by the association.


Method of Payment

Installment payments can be made (4 equal payments) by post-dated cheques or other approved payment methods (specific dates and amount is required)

Complete for Credit Card Payment

Bottler Member Information (Due date - January 1st)