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Bottling Interruption Form

To help CBWA provide a better inspection scheduling system we ask that you complete the following form if you expect to have major renovations or any disruptions to your bottling operations. Each bottler will receive a call one week (5 business days) prior to a scheduled inspection. This call is a courtesy to ensure you have the proper staff on site during the inspection. Any cancelation of the inspection will result in additional cost ($1,500) to reschedule.


Please Note:


Any major renovations or disruption of your bottling schedule during the year must be sent in writing to the CBWA office. Inspections are scheduled at least six (6) weeks prior to keep costs as low as possible.


Please complete the following form and return to CBWA. This information will be used to update our records and schedule your facility for a plant inspection.


A minimum of 90 days notification is required by CBWA for modifications to the unannounced inspection schedule in progress for the calendar year.


Complete one form for each bottling plant.


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