About Us

CBWA is the trade association for the bottled water industry in Canada.

The Canadian Bottled Water Association (CBWA) supports and promotes bottled water as a healthy, safe and convenient food product. CBWA members are committed to environmentally responsible practices.

85 %

Our Members produce and distribute about 85 per cent of the bottled water sold in Canada.

CBWA Membership

Benefits of CBWA Membership

Industry-specific events held annually give you the opportunity to connect with key industry experts and contacts to start or grow your business.
As a member you will have access to public and government relations activities and receive assistance with media inquiries and media relations.
Available to all members are the CBWA Model Code, Certified Plant Operator (CPO) online program, audit training, and bottled water food safety program.
Have a strong voice on a multitude of issues such as regulations, media and social media communications that impact your business.

Of adults who purchase bottled water, 70% do so as an alternative to buying other packaged beverages, not as an alternative to tap water.



In the bottled water sector, the incentive is to reduce the amount of plastic used in bottles, use biodegradable materials, or use recycled plastics. Over the last decade, the industry trend has been to develop and use bottles that are thinner and lighter, using less plastic – the weight of the typical water bottle is about half that of other packaged beverages.